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QuickBayt Spray Fly Bait

Excellent knockdown results (dead flies visible at time of application). Starts controlling flies in less than 60 seconds. Good residual activity- visible results are maintained for 4-6weeks (depending on conditions)

Maxforce Fly Spot Bait

Maxforce Fly Spot Bait provides an unobtrusive way to control house flies both indoors and outdoors, including non-food areas of commercial food-handling establishments and animal facilities

Rat & Mouse Killer

Advanced formula cereal based bait. Indoor and outdoor use. Kills up to 50 mice. Contains five pre-measured bait packs and five baiting trays. Empty container completely, and dispose of safely.

Racumin Paste.

Racumin is a multi-feed rodenticide available in paste and block formulations. Racumin Paste combines vegetable fats and carbohydrates in a way that is exceptionally attractive to rats and mice.


A highly concentrated wettable powder formulation containing 800 g/kg bendiocarb for use in indoor residual spray programs. An essential tool in the management of insecticide resistance in Vector Control.


Controls immature cockroaches, fishmoths, flies, mosquitoes and fleas. To be used in program with residual spray for control of adult insects. Insect growth regulator. Interrupts larval moulting process.

Premise Foam Termicide

Premise Foam is the only non-repellent termiticide available in a portable instant foam. No measuring, mixing or waiting around required. Premise Foam delivers precisely formulated dry foam every time, under any conditions.

Premise Granules

Premise Granules is the only non-repellent termiticide in granule formulation. Used as a perimeter application or spot treatment, this product provides a low-cost additional layer of termite protection. full structural treatment.

Delta Dust.

DeltaDust is the only 100 percent waterproof dust and will not clump or absorb moisture in wet areas. It is approved for use in commercial food-handling establishments, making it an ideal tool for eliminating pests in wet areas of these accounts.

Temprid Ready Spray

Temprid ReadySpray uses the proven performance of Temprid SC with bag-on-valve technology to deliver immediate results in an all-in-one solution. Its dual mode of action kills bed bugs resistant to pyrethroid insecticides, in addition to bed bug eggs and other hard-to-kill pests .